(Condition Report: once the condition report AND a copy of the vehicle title is received an allowance will be given)




Winfield Employee Used Vehicle Turn In Program with Purchase Option

As a Winfield employee driving a company vehicle it is necessary to complete a Used Vehicle Condition Report for your currently assigned vehicle prior to turning it in or purchasing it. Please follow this process:

  • Click on this link: Condition Report

  • Print the Used Vehicle Condition Report and complete it while walking around the vehicle

  • Fax the completed report to 651-222-1998

Purchase Option Through


If you, a family member, neighbor, or friend would like to purchase your vehicle, click on either Jason or Peter to email, or call Jason Saxon or Peter Sprafka toll free at 1-800-456-1265. Jason or Peter will provide all the assistance you need to be able to purchase your vehicle from the convenience of your home or office. Please Note: The Used Vehicle Condition Report must be completed and faxed to the above number before a purchase price can be provided.